October 26, 2016


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A group of 15 American girls wandering the streets of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, stumbling into a “coffee shop” only to have our nostrils fill with the stench of weed smoke and eyes darting to all the Amsterdammer’s rolling flawless joints. We’re giddy and laughing, while all still questioning what we are doing here and how our night led to what was about to go down.

Let me back up.

I studied abroad last semester in Europe. While I had all the similar trips as most of my peers did, my semester was a little bit different than most. The main class I was enrolled in was “Prostitution and The Sex Trade in Europe.” Yes, I was learning about prostitutes for a grade. While I could go on for too long about everything I learned, I’ll just talk about the highlights.

One Wednesday night we had a guest speaker come talk to our class. He is one of the founders of the largest sex clubs in Europe. These clubs are very exclusive; the BDSM community does not take this lightly, and costumes and sex are taken very seriously. After hearing about these parties, we were lucky enough to get to watch BDSM porn together. BDSM porn is NO JOKE. Now imagine watching it with a room full of 30 strangers. Ha, talk about class bonding.

Fast forward a month, and we’re all boarding a plane to Amsterdam for a week long study trip. Our itinerary was loaded with activities and speakers, all relating to sex. We talked to everyone you could think of involved in prostitution there. We talked to NGOs that are for legalization, against legalization, former prostitutes, current prostitutes and a 50-year-old man who buys sex. The latter was the weirdest part for sure. He one day realized he was unhappy with his marriage, divorced his wife, lost touch with his children, and decided to fly to Amsterdam from London. Now he goes to Amsterdam at least ten times a year for sex, spending an ungodly amount of his life savings on female bodies. He openly said to a room full of 20-year-old girls that young 20-year-old girls were his type. He also mentioned the nitty gritty details about the sex he has, mainly getting at how he gets a huge ego boost every time a girl finishes. Super uncomfortable.

The former prostitute was very pro-prostitution. She said the reason why she started selling sex was because she wanted a dog, but couldn’t afford one at the time. This nonchalant and accepting attitude seemed to be a common trend with many of the people we talked to regarding sex work. We were taught how to appropriately walk by the windows, especially at night with the red lights glaring. We even were taught about the “blue light” section, which was filled with transgender prostitutes.

Now let me get back to the most memorable night of my trip. We were given the night off after a day filled with a walking tour of the Red Light District from a male prostitute, who has truly done it all sex wise. He recommended a sex show, Casa Rosso, if we were interested, mainly because all of the sex done in the show was performed by real couples, and they were treated well. When we got back to the hotel, there were whispers about who actually wanted to go, and after my group of friends agreed we all wanted to, we jumped on the tram to head back into the Red Light District. No one wanted to do this soberly, so we apprehensively went to a smoke shop. After taking a few of hits of a joint that was rolled perfectly by our new Dutch friends, we walked down the thin alleys lined with women, and arrived at the sex show. We coughed up our euro, and were given a goodie bag with a penis lollipop and some mints. We all shuffled into our seats right in time for the first act to commence. This show was an hour and a half long show, with six rounds of different couples.

I think I saw everything I could have ever seen that night. The first couple was one man who was VERY well hung, and really went to town on the girl. Their bodies moved perfectly to the rhythm of the music, and every beat was yet another thrust. But, this first act was only the beginning. Next came two girls, confirming to the crowd what real lesbian scissoring sex is like, for those that were always too modest to find out the real details. Following that was a woman on stage who masturbated solo. She touched every part of her there was, and after riding a pole for most of her act, she stunned the crowd by pulling out Luna (or Ben Wa) beads out of her vagina. Those were definitely the three best acts I witnessed.

Now since these people were not actors, there was definitely some awkward moves. But, because they do this sex work for a living, they had almost every move nailed perfectly. They flipped and turned, and did almost every position you could name off the top of your head. When the show ended and our high wore off, everyone was almost dumbfounded and was without words. How do you discuss with your new class friends everything you just saw? We decided the best decision was go to a bar and get drunk, and our trip back to the hotel was almost as if we didn’t just watch six couples fuck the shit out of each other.

Would I do it again? No. Do I regret anything? Not at all.

Sex Kitten is a student at Cornell. Comments may be sent to [email protected]. Sex on Thursdays appears alternate Thursdays this semester.