Michael Li / Sun Staff Photographer

November 4, 2016

S.A. Moves to Clarify Special Projects Funding Process

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The Student Assembly unanimously passed a resolution clarifying the group’s application process for student funding and tabled a resolution endorsing Mayor Svante Myrick’s ’09 Ithaca Plan at its meeting Thursday.

Diana Li ’17, vice president of finance, and Julia Montejo ’17, vice president of diversity and inclusion, presented a resolution establishing guidelines for Special Projects Funding — a subset of the S.A.’s budget that students apply to in order to tackle projects they cannot afford on their own.

Richard Wang ’18, College of Arts and Sciences representative, proposed an amendment to the resolution to clarify how students report for this funding. Montejo explained that the original wording of the resolution was “vague” and made students “feel like they had to write down all possible funding sources.”

“We amended it to clarify that students applying for the Special Projects Fund have to just report all other funding sources that they have or intend to apply to in order to fund their project,” she said.

Gabe Kaufman ’18, undergraduate representative to the University Assembly, also proposed an amendment which would give the president and vice president of finance the power to independently approve hundreds of dollars for student funding.

“We added that amendment just to say the S.A. has to approve any allocation of funds to a student or organization that is getting funds more than once in a semester,” Montejo said.

The resolution endorsing The Ithaca Plan was tabled so students could have “adequate opportunities to thoroughly read it, engage with peers and attend a Town Hall event,” said Matthew Indimine ’18, executive vice president of the S.A., referencing an event scheduled for Nov. 15, organized by the S.A. City and Local Affairs Committee and the Collegetown Neighborhood Council.