November 7, 2016

Nazaire Family Demands Life Sentence for Alleged Murderer

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Reacting to the Ithaca Police Department’s Monday arrest of Nagee Green for the murder of Anthony Nazaire, the victim’s family said they are “not satisfied” with the charges levied against the alleged murderer.

Nazaire’s mother, Katie Toussaint, said that, while the family is grateful to the IPD for arresting Green, they feel the suspect deserves to serve a life sentence. The victim’s sister, Kiara Nazaire, called Green “an animal” that “needs to be caged up like an animal.”

“[Green] is not an innocent person,” Nazaire said. “I feel like it was something that he had in his heart to just do. He is a murderer.”

The Nazaire family plans to “go public” and speak to many different news organizations, Kiara Nazaire said. She added that the whole family will be present through all court proceedings.

“We are going to be there,” she said. “The whole family will be there. There’s going to be a lot of people from [Anthony’s] school — his classmates, his friends from Ithaca College. We have different students from different colleges who are going to be there, too.”

After looking through Green’s Facebook page, Nazaire said she found several messages that “really were not very comfortable to even read.”

“[Green] was sending threatening messages to college students in Ithaca both male and female,” she said. “He was just doing so many things that would actually scare you as a human being to actually be around him.”

Green was active on Facebook both before and after the murder of Anthony Nazaire.



“I swear to GOD ima smack flames outta every female and male in Ithaca that got my name in they mouth, friends and all, let’s see who not pussy … I’m waiting,” Green said on Facebook two days before the Aug. 28 murder.

Green posted a status on Oct. 7 calling Ithaca the “only place where snitches can roam around freely.” Two days later, he wrote on Facebook that “these niggas snitching” and “I’m putting names on BLAST as soon as I find out more info and whopping ass.”

On Oct. 16, Green wrote on Facebook that he would “have to confront every single person in Ithaca with my name in they mouth,” and last Thursday, Green posted saying “the devil in me … I can feel him.”


The Nazaire family said they are creating a scholarship that aims to help “young kids” pursuing a college education and career who are limited by financial resources.

“We would like to honor them and help them go to college under the Anthony Nazaire scholarship,” Nazaire said.

Both family members were adamant that they will continue to demand that Green serve life in jail.

“What I want for [Green] is life in jail because my son will never be able to see the sun shine,” Toussaint said. “He will never be able to walk this earth anymore, but this criminal, he gets to live, he gets to be sleeping in a comfortable bed, he gets food, you understand? He gets to speak to his loved ones.”

Toussaint said Green just “wanted to show his power” and “how much of a devil he is” the night he decided to murder her son.

“[Anthony] was an innocent kid,” she said. “[Green] just wanted to kill that night, that’s what he did. He killed my son and I’m not going to sit and just accept any sentence. I want life for him, just like my son cannot walk this earth no more. I don’t want him to see the other side of the fence. Plain and simple. That’s all I’m asking for.”