November 9, 2016

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump is Not Cornell

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Late last night, the voters of this country elected Donald J. Trump the 45th president of the United States. Despite running a campaign distorted by hints of authoritarianism, building a platform based in racism and misogyny and despite the appalling personal inadequacy of Trump govern this great nation, in January he will ascend to the White House.

Cornellians last night and today reacted with an outpouring of horror and sadness. Many minority students fear they could face deportation. Women are anxious about the decisions that will be made by a Republican Congress and right-leaning Court, and wonder about the implications of elevating a man who brags about sexually assaulting women to the Oval Office.

On a day that looms dismal for a nation dedicated to the proposition of freedom and equality, we at The Sun are committed to exhibiting the resistance of our campus, to giving a voice to students who feel that their status as citizens of this country has been called into question.

We stand with immigrant students at Cornell who feel that they no longer have a place within our borders. We stand with minority and LGBTQ students who fear for their physical safety and emotional well-being. We stand with the women and men who feel that their history as victims of sexual assault has been delegitimized on the national stage. We stand with students of color who now must call a man endorsed by the KKK president. We hear you and we stand with you.

Today, we encourage students to remain politically engaged, to police the Trump administration’s policies, to call their representatives and to seek and showcase empathy. In these trying times, it is unclear what activism means or can change, but we at Cornell must work to organize and mount resistance to any betrayal of our national values.

Over the next few days, the next months and the next four years, we will be vigilant in guarding the protections at the very core of our identities as Americans. We will resist even when “libel laws are loosened.” We will stand by the most vulnerable members of our society to defend the principles of diversity and inclusion, of kindness and decency that have already made this country great.

President Elect Donald Trump is not America. And we will not let him be Cornell.

  • Former Sun supported

    As a grad and now former financial supporter of the Cornell Sun, I’m dismayed that the Sun has disregarded the political will of a majority of citizens and our established Electoral process. While I agree that we need to come together as a united nation and show compassion and understanding, comments such as “President Elect Donald Trump is not our President” are both ridiculous and inflammatory. Based upon the votes of the American people, he WILL be your President and we work together to move this nation forward.

  • Pops

    Your grapes are really sour.

  • WithBoth

    I feel that this editorial completely disregards the recent words of President Obama, Secretary Clinton and President Elect Trump about unity as Americans. Your editorials have been charged and one sided all along – disappointing because I would just expect better and more mature journalism from a Cornell affiliated group. I hope you soon see the power of unity as this decisive content has ended.

  • Did you read it?

    Did none of you actually read this article? Not once does it say “Donald Trump is not out president.” What it does say is that Donald Trump does not reflect the values of the Cornell community and that we must stand together and protect ourselves and our country from the erosion of liberty and progress that President-Elect Trump has promised.

  • DH

    To the grad and former Cornell Sun financier, Trump does not represent ‘the political will of a majority of citizens’ – Hillary Clinton earned the most votes and no candidate secured a majority ( At no point did the piece include the comment ‘President Elect Donald Trump is not Our President’, it merely stated that Donald Trump’s values are not American values, nor are they the values of our Alma Mater.

    While many of us are scared and confused for the future, it is up to every single one of us to hold President-Elect Trump to his promise to this nation that he will be the BEST for women; the BEST for gays; the BEST for inner cities; the BEST for for anyone with a heartbeat.

    • Richard Karas

      What if you take away the votes cast by dead people and illegals or the ones that voted twice or more. Would she still have a majority? A study of the electoral college and its purpose would help in understanding why Trump was elected and not Clinton.

  • George

    Since Democrats felt that Obama’s executive orders were constitutional, it will be fun to observing the squealing when Trump does the same. Of course, with a Republican house and senate (and Supreme Court appointments), he may not need to. In any event, the progressive agenda is suspended until further notice. It is a great day in America.

    • R. Patterson

      Great if you consider the needs of working people completely secondary, the climate expendable, and the rights of US citizens void.

  • Richard Karas

    Oh, the babies of Cornell. Maybe you should go home to mommy for comfort. I know you can’t think for yourselves but maybe you should start. Stop believing all the lies the liberals tell you. If you can’t handle the results of an election then I guess you do need counseling. Hopefully, some day you will be able to cope with life.

  • Class of 2000

    You’re right, Trump is not Cornell. Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America.

  • James ’93 and ’97

    Omigawd, where is my safe space? The majority of Cornell students come from white suburbs — are they that downtrodden?

    The irony is that many of you students reading this Sun Editorial will grow up to be staunch Republicans living in the wealthy suburbs of this country.

    Ah, the benefits of a Cornell degree and a mortgage to pay!

  • Mark Brother

    Kids, kids, kids! I have indeed failed you for your lack of critical thinking! You only see the veil, and not what is behind it. You only see the symptom – and have ignored the cause. Haven’t you figured it out yet? The Australian One. The Australian One. You emote, you wring, you impale yourself with regret – when you should have seen it all along. Two decades. You ignored it with bliss and annoyance. Repetition, persistence, patience. Repetition, persistence, patience. The weak mind never knows and the strong mind ignores. They are both weak indeed, and they deserve their just rewards. The water drips, the mountain crumbles. Adages from the ancients – they still hold true. The Australian One. The Australian One. Obvious power is no power at all. Hidden power is the all. Power behind the power is the all. And the key to that Power is to muddle the mind with emotion. Truth is not needed. Lies are not needed. Innuendo is King. Repetition, persistence, patience. How much more do you need to know? You are all his pawns. The Australian One. The Australian Won.

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