Evan Sung / The New York Times

February 1, 2017

Ginger Fried Rice Recipe Review

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Every home cook has a few easy non-dishes under their belt that taste flavorful and will brighten up their day. I just discovered a ginger fried rice recipe by Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a master of home cooking. Using the simplest ingredients (leftover rice and eggs) and some aromatics, this recipe produces wonders. Here it is with a video introduction, and you can find it on the New York Times Cooking website.

Step 1: Heat 1/4 cup peanut oil over medium heat. Cook garlic and ginger until crisp brown. Transfer to paper towels and salt lightly.

Step 2: Cook leek over peanut oil over medium-low heat for 10 minutes. Season with salt.

Step 3: Raise heat to medium and add rice, stirring occasionally. Season with salt.

Step 4: Top with an egg, in whatever way you want it cooked.

When I tried out this recipe, I used the one large onion in my pantry instead of using leeks, and after slicing the onion I cooked it under medium-low for more than 20 minutes to caramelize it and bring out its sweetness. I also ran out of fresh ginger roots, so I used week-old, locally-produced fermented minced ginger from my fridge. Instead of frying the eggs, I scrambled them with a little sea salt and green scallion in the egg mixture. The result is a festival of flavors and textures: the ginger and garlic crisp and golden, the onions sweet and soft, the leftover, dried-out rice become moist again, the eggs highly nutritious. I highly recommend it.


  1. If using fresh rice instead of leftover rice, either keep it wrapped in the fridge for some time or lay it out on a surface to dry.
  2. To caramelize the onions, keep the heat low to avoid burning.
  3. You can basically cook eggs any way you like and it won’t affect the overall quality of the dish.
  4. Don’t forget to garnish with soy sauce and some sesame oil, or pretty much anything that goes with rice. I prefer toasted sesame seeds and some Chinese chili sauce.