Sonya Ryu / Sun Staff Photographer

Franny's Food Truck

February 26, 2017

Cornell Food Trucks Graded: Where to Get the Best Bang for Your Truck

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What do you call a dining hall that moves? A food truck, of course!

At Cornell, we are lucky enough to be bestowed with, in addition to a recent tuition raise and a privately held address by Michael Johns, four food trucks on campus. In the latest addition to my series of dining comparisons, I will be deciding which one offers the best bang for your truck.


Louie’s Lunch

Louie’s Lunch is decidedly the most well-known food truck on campus. Its bright red façade stands out against Balch Lawn even on the grayest of Ithaca days, and on late weekend nights, its customers stumble around on the Lawn as well. Having had almost a century to perfect its craft, Louie’s, which was founded in 1918, deserves true recognition for its menu and prices. With the most extensive selection out of the four trucks, what truly astounds is that the highest price on the menu is just $7.49 for hot subs. Anyone wanting a quick snack or even a full lunch will find what they are looking for. Their burgers and fries are delicious, and they even take credit cards.

Grade: A



Franny’s sounds like it would serve your grandmother’s homemade cookies, with a glass of whole milk and a whole lot of love.  Alas, it does not. Instead, it serves flavorful Asian cuisine, from ramen to steamed buns, rice bowls to chicken sausage. Yes, Franny’s has found a niche in the market:  those who desire higher satisfaction and demand more culinary refinement from their food truck meals. Its vegetable-based ramen broth paired nicely with the wedge of lime I found tucked away in my bowl. Yet, with higher product quality comes higher prices, around 7$ per item. Beware — if you are coming for a cheap snack, this is not the truck you’re were looking for.

Grade: A-


Hot Truck

Hot Truck, serving its signature French Bread Pizza to students since 1960, stands out as the second oldest food truck on Cornell’s campus. Thick, gooey cheese, zesty marinara sauce and all that other good stuff you put on pizza is instead shoved into a sub, delivered to your mouth more efficiently than on any pie. Prices are reasonable, and given that the Hot Truck monopolizes West Campus, we should all be thankful.

Grade: B+


That’s How I Roll

That’s How I Roll holds claim to the greatest name in the food truck game. This 21st century sushi-burrito-food-craze-taking-advantage-of truck sports a rocking title and the food to back it up. Unlike the fattening, fast food-serving Louie’s and Hot Truck, That’s How I Roll sticks to rice, vegetables, and seafood. You will not be left with a heavy, greasy stomach, but with the lightness of fresh produce and the self-satisfaction of having made at least one good choice that day. Priced at $10, the signature sushi burritos might drain your cash supply. But don’t worry — given this food’s taste and healthiness, you’ll be paid back in more than the optimal amount of utility.

Grade: B+


With these grades to ponder and food to try, I would like to remind my readership the true value of these trucks with a final Haiku: