Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun City Editor

A man pulled over a car near the Mobil on West State Street early on Saturday and flagged down an ambulance for help treating a stab wound to the chest and neck, police said.

March 1, 2017

At Least One Stabbed Near Mobil Gas Station in Ithaca

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One man was flown to a nearby trauma center after being stabbed at the Mobil gas station on West State Street on Wednesday night in what one witness said was a double-stabbing.

“The victim had significant injuries to the ear and neck, bleeding heavily from the large laceration on his neck,” IPD Sgt. Loretta Tomberelli said. “Suspects fled the scene prior to Officer arrival.”

A fight broke out between two men near the gas station shortly before 10 p.m., according to a clerk at the gas station and a man who told The Sun he is a friend of the victim and declined to give his name because he feared retaliation.

When a third man attempted to intervene, the witness’s friend tried to stop the man from intervening, saying, “let them fight fair,” according to the friend.

At that point, the friend said, the man who had initially attempted to intervene stabbed the witness’s friend in the neck and the side of the face and then stabbed one of the two men who had been fighting.

Blood Mobile Stabbing March 1

Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun Staff Writer

At least one man was stabbed near the Mobil gas station on West State Street on Wednesday night.

Blood was spattered on the ground outside of the gas station in two areas about 20 feet apart.

One of the victims who was involved in the initial fight ran away from the gas station before police and a Bangs ambulance arrived, the friend said.

The Mobil clerk said the victim who did not run away was standing outside of the gas station bleeding from the neck when his friend called 911.

Medical personnel cut parts of the victim’s shirt off of him in the back of an ambulance before transporting him to the hospital around 10:15 p.m.

The friend of the victim who was transported, in a text message from the hospital, said a helicopter was being called to transport his friend.