Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun City Editor

March 7, 2017

Ithaca Police: 8 Suspected Heroin Overdoses in 2 Weeks

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The Ithaca Police Department issued a plea to heroin users on Tuesday, asking users of the opioid drug to reach out for treatment.

IPD has responded to eight calls for people suspected of overdosing on heroin in the last two weeks, Officer Jamie Williamson said in a statement.

Those eight calls included one death “where the possibility that the person overdosed on heroin is being explored,” Williamson said.

“If you are addicted to heroin or if you know someone is addicted to heroin, please reach out for help,” Chief John Barber said. “There are a multitude of addiction recovery services in the Ithaca area that can and will help you.”

Police are investigating the possibility that the overdoses are related, Williamson said, although he noted that it is too early to draw any conclusions about whether the overdoses are connected.

In 2014, Ithaca Police investigated the possibility that two heroin deaths within four days were caused by dealers lacing the drug with a foreign substance such as fentanyl.

Barber also asked that people contact the department if they have information that could potentially aid police in investigating the sale or use of heroin.