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March 15, 2017

Spinning Singles: EDMONDSON, “Meanwhile”

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Legendary producer and so-called “Fifth Beatle,” George Martin, once told a story about the 1967 classic “Strawberry Fields Forever.” According to Martin, the track’s slow build, its fusion of traditional rock elements with studio innovation, came about after a frustrated John Lennon decided to join two different versions of the song together in the studio.

Beatles comparisons are a lot—but “Meanwhile,” the new track off EDMONDSON’s upcoming record, Strange Durations, recalls some of their later work like “Fields” in its willingness to push the listener in unexpected directions. Beginning with bittersweet piano licks, the track veers into new territory midway, eventually settling into a horn-driven groove, as sassy as its first bars are reflective. It includes shakers, changing time signatures and what sounds like a circus whistle. “Meanwhile” assembles its pieces into an intriguingly new sound, one that challenges the listener while inviting her in.

The experimentation fits the subject of the song, which explores the difficulty of finding words to express yourself; to really communicate and, as the song puts it, “hear the right thing to say.” Expressing yourself musically is just as hard, and that’s what the changes over the course of “Meanwhile” accomplish: finding the right pieces to create the right experience.

EDMONDSON, made up of two brothers—Jack and Robert—use their fraternal bond and shared musicality to carve out a fresh style. Their debut album, due out in May, looks to be one of the most exciting new records on the indie scene in recent memory.

Max Van Zile is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. He can be reached at [email protected].