March 21, 2017

The Adam Ezra Group Fills an Empty Haunt

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The long and short of the Adam Ezra Group’s concert at the Haunt is that it was a great show that no one really went to. Ten or so fans and at least a few people who came for drinks or dinner contributed to the overall sparse feel of the venue. Somehow they still ran out of chairs and stools. I suppose you’re supposed to dance, but the only people on the floor were a middle aged man and a girl I hope was his daughter.

It almost seemed like the Group was trying to compensate for the emptiness of the bar with the fullness of its roots rock sound. The Group consists of guitarist and vocalist Adam Ezra, violinist Corinna Smith, keyboardist Josh Gold, bassist Francis Hickey, drummer Alex Martin and second drummer called Turtle.

Adam Ezra sings a bit like a happier Bruce Springsteen. His voice is mellow and raspy on the verses and rises to gravelly roar in the choruses. The band plays together well, and from what I’ve seen online they are accustomed to playing larger crowds. The Group seems as though they are built to feed off their audiences, from Ezra’s long rants and stories told over a simple groove to their intermission when Ezra goes to a table next to the stage ostensibly to connect with concert-goers and drink whiskey — a vital part of their live act. Before going to intermission Ezra brings a previously absent bottle of Jameson on stage to accompany his announcement.

Watching the Group perform and reading about some of Ezra’s side projects such as his non-profit organization Rally Sound, it’s hard not to want Ezra to succeed. In times like these I think everyone could use the positive, helping message that they give.

Next time they’re in town, I would definitely watch the Adam Ezra Group again, but if you want to go I’d recommend bringing a few friends along.

Jacob Kruger is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences. He can be reached at [email protected]