Hundreds of students marched along the 116th Dragon Day parade route on Friday, chanting and banging on the creation with metal rods.

Katie Sims / Sun Staff Photographer

Hundreds of students marched along the 116th Dragon Day parade route on Friday, chanting and banging on the creation with metal rods.

March 31, 2017

Photos: Dragon Day 2017

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Dragon Day, a more than 100-year tradition, once again joined students from the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning with onlookers as they marched along East Avenue and along Ho Plaza, ending at the Arts Quad.

Students expressed this year’s theme, “Louder Together,” through chants during the procession as the dragon — on wheels — made its way along the planned route.

One person would scream, “Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!” and others would respond “Oy! Oy! Oy!” They also hit the dragon’s metal frame with rods, resulting in clanks and clangs.

Read more about the 116th Dragon Day, students’ creation of the dragon and this year’s theme.

All photographs by Katie Sims / Sun Staff Photographer.

  • Cute Baby Hippo Wants a Hug

    See, when you systematically shed any trappings of your Euro heritage, you have to invent stupid shit like Dragon Day as a surrogate “culture” for a sense of belonging.

    I can’t speak my mother tongue and Germanville was renamed Libertyville but I can bellow “dragon oy oy oy” louder than the next empty product of modernity next to me HAHAHA

    • cute baby hippo wants you to shut the fuck up

      Dragon Day is 117 years old and was invented by a white student. Cornell was, in all likelihood, 99% white in 1901. What are you even talking about? Do you just sit on the Cornell Sun website refreshing the homepage all day, waiting to vomit bull shit into the comment sections? Go do something else, rather than being an “empty product of modernity.”

      • Baby Hippo Wants a Hug and a Num Num

        Maybe that White student fell out of touch with his rich European heritage and had to concoct some bizarre steam punk meets Aztec pseudo-tradition as a result.

        PS How loud can you shout “Dragon Oy Oy Oy?” ??? I bet it’s pretty loud. You should be proud. MAJOR accomplishment. Don’t forget to add it your CV Haha

        • alumnus

          That student was actually Willard Straight, who has done an immense amount of good work for Cornell… Willard Straight Hall didn’t appear out of nowhere.

          • Cuttlefish Wants a Cuddle

            Well thank goodness for Willard Straight: if it wasn’t for him, what building would the gun toting Black Power activists have taken over in 1968 ???

          • Little Moe Szyslak

            That little girl’s name?

            Albert Einstein

      • Baby Hippo Wants a Hug and a Num Num

        Yeah there are so many more rewarding ways to spend my time … like carrying a fabulous confabulation on my shoulders through the quad

        hey hey ho ho

        dragon oy oy oy

  • Cute Baby Hippo Wants a Hug

    Needs more occult symbols: I give this bizarre “custom a 3/10 in godlessness. It needs more spirit cooking and perhaps a pizza … with extra pepperoni

  • Cute Baby Hippo Wants a Hug

    Your ancestors were all bigots so now you should carry some bizarre metal dragon statue on your shoulders … when’s the kick off today? Go sports team!

  • Cute Baby Hippo Wants a Hug

    So a thousand years ago Aztecs sacrificed people to their feathery dragon serpent god …

    People in 2017: that was so dumb so barbaric

    2017: Let’s carry aloft some metallic confabulation in the shape of a dragon. Let’s chant as we do it. Because … culture?

  • Cute Baby Hippo Wants a Hug

    When idiocy recurs annually, it becomes sanctified as culture.

    • hippo whines like a bitch

      You feeling better now?

  • T

    Dragon Day is a great tradition and rite of passage for a century of freshman class architects. Loved participating in it and learning the many lessons of marketing, design, coordination, and partying it taught me and my friends. I couldn’t be happier they continue the tradition!

    Sucks when trolls take over comments sections.