Isabella York / Sun Contributor

Kelly Zutrao of Wet performing at The Haunt.

April 8, 2017

Wet: Electronic and Compelling

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It was the perfect way to start off Spring Break — I was going to see Wet perform at the Haunt.  The band filled the Haunt with a passionate and engaging performance, playing with a soft energy that gripped the audience and created a relaxed, yet compelling environment.  It was a loving, intimate night.

The band opened with “It’s All in Vain” from their album Don’t You.  The phrases “I don’t believe you” and “I can’t feel you” were vocalized softly, but hit the crowd with a strong effect. Lead vocalist Kelley Zutrau was accompanied by band members Marty Sulkow, Joe Valle and Gabe Smith. Zutrau wore white from head to toe, and the outfit’s cohesion furthered the band’s clean, crisp sound.

During the earlier portion of the set, Zutrau had to restart one of the band’s most listened songs, “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.”  Her initial stage fright was tangible to the audience but was soon overcome.  She connected with her audience in a genuine way that many performers struggle to do.  The performance was not her just going through the movements, but her allowing herself to express vulnerability and delve into each song.  Zutrau came off as genuine and approachable. The audience felt a connection with her, finding mutual experiences in the universality of stage fright.  She only received understanding from the crowd as they motivated her to start over and give it another try.  This all furthered the atmospheric sense of love all around.  There was nothing artificial, only Zutrau.

In a brief conversation with Gabe Smith, the group’s drummer, he described his love for Ithaca and recently joining the band.  When listening to the previously recorded songs, the lack of percussion is noticeable. His recent addition adds texture to the band’s sound.  He has been playing with them for about a year and a half. Smith didn’t say whether they will be releasing anything soon, when I asked him about new material.  Before performing with Wet’s set, he also performed with the opening band Blonder, who are on a short tour with Wet.

The band is described as being “soulful electronic indie.” They were formed in Brooklyn in 2012.  Zutrau possesses a ‘90’s soulful sound that combines with her bandmates’ electronic and modern sound.

Having the opportunity to see Wet perform was a beautiful and memorable experience.  Zutrau’s smooth vocals and the band’s Indie Pop sound created an atmosphere that was electric and compelling.   I left the Haunt that night impressed and looking forward to watch the band grow and develop.

Isabella York is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. She can be reached at [email protected]