Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun City Editor

May 6, 2017

Man Robbed, Shoved to Ground on Schuyler Place, Police Say

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A man sustained minor injuries and was transported to the hospital after being robbed of the cash in his pocket and shoved to the ground by four men near Collegetown on Friday night, police said.

Ithaca Police responded to Schuyler Place near Buffalo Street about 11:18 p.m. to aid a man who said he was pushed to the ground and then punched and kicked in the head and body by a group of men who took $85 from him.

The victim reported to police that the four suspects are black men wearing hoodies and jeans and all between 5’11” and 6’2”. The victim told police that the men’s hoodies were red, white and a dark color and that he did not remember the color of the fourth.

The suspects, after the victim handed them the cash from his pocket, fled the area heading south on Schuyler Place toward East State Street, police said.

  • Concerned Democrat

    Is it really necessary to specify the race of the assailants? It does nothing to promote racial harmony.

    • only a comment from a democrat moron, what is wrong with you

  • John

    Obviously, the “victim” used his privilege to oppress the 4 upstanding black scholar athletes. He should have thanked the 4 gentlemen for helping to check his privilege.

    • Aster

      we don’t know that they’re scholar athletes…

  • Mark

    A brain injury is a small price to pay for cultural diversity.

  • Kate

    Will a brain injury make it more difficult to complete a Cornell degree? Regardless, diversity is our strength!

    • only if it is a liberal arts degree, like yourself

  • Sam

    They didn’t “take” $85 from him: they liberated $85 from the oppressor’s wallet.

  • Thomas

    Getting your head kicked in is a small price to pay for cultural diversity!

  • Jeff Smith

    Consider yourself enriched!

  • Alan D

    The “victim” sounds pretty racist. He shouldn’t have noticed what race the assailants were.

  • Peter L

    You have just been diversified!

  • Free Mumia

    4 black men? How did the “victim” know they were black? Did he ask them how they racially identify. This “victim” sounds pretty racist.

  • David P

    Oh so all black men are criminals now? “Victim” sounds pretty racist …

    • nobody said ALL, moron

    • Joe

      Preaching others to not make judgements, while quickly jumping to conclusions about victim?

  • Karen S

    Those 4 black men didn’t do nothing, they’re good boys. They needed that $85 to buy text books.

  • Rachel W

    The 4 men didn’t flee the scene. They were simply in a hurry to get to the library and start studying. They’re good boys.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Next time, carry more money. Black men are discriminated against in the work force. There is a racial pay gap.

  • Concerned Citizen United

    Totally unnecessary to mention the race of the perps: it does nothing but create racial strife and animus in our community!

  • Terry C

    See what happens when you white oppressors gentrify historically black neighborhoods!

  • It’s not entirely their fault. They wouldn’t have to resort to violence if the government begins to distribute heroine and marijuana free of charge.

    • *heroin

      Fuck this oppressive keyboard that made me look bad on purpose