May 26, 2017

Sun Sessions with SadoSan

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SadoSan attempts to do something with his music that more than a handful of artists have aimed at, but which not all that many can claim to have actually accomplished: build something big and brilliant and smart and meaningful off of foundations that couldn’t be much humbler… awkward parties (“Should’ve Known Me”), dusty samples (Ikpeazu), cringeworthy interactions (this very video), and the like.

What Sado gives us here in his Sun Session is just a sliver of that ethos: “‘Know Know’ is about dating in NYC,” he says, “and more specifically how it can be when you end up in an intense situation with someone whom you don’t know very well. Sometimes it can be hard to express to someone — especially right to their face — that you just want them to leave.” That’s it.

Or, at least that’s it on the surface. But couched in this revolving beat, crouching behind that simple refrain — “You gotta go, you gotta go” — is the same artful strain that runs through everything Sado touches, indicative of something quite a bit grander than just wanting to go to sleep.


SadoSan is a Purchase educated artist born and raised in the Bronx. A member of the 99SUBLIME collective, he hopes to incorporate disparate artistic elements — sound, video, written and spoken word, doodles and drawings — into “a singular work that can be viewed from all possible perspectives simultaneously.

You can listen to him here:
And you can listen to 99SUBLIME here: