Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs / Sun City Editor

June 22, 2017

Two Shot at Ithaca Gas Station, Police Say

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Two people were shot early Thursday morning in the parking lot of Chuck’s Mobil Gas station, Ithaca police say.

Ithaca police officers on patrol heard gunshots at approximately 1:45 a.m. and responded. Officers found one victim in the parking lot at the Mobil station and were told another victim who was shot near the Mobil fled north on North Meadow Street. Police found this second victim in Fastrac’s parking lot, where he collapsed after fleeing the scene at Mobil, according to The Ithaca Voice. Both of the victims are expected to survive, police say.

The Mobil station is at the corner of North Meadow Street and West State Street. The Fastrac is also on North Meadow Street, less than two blocks north of the Mobil.

Witnesses told The Ithaca Voice that “multiple gunshots rang out.”

A suspect, described by police as a 5’10” light-skinned black male, was last seen running east on West State Street. Two witnesses independently told The Ithaca Voice that they saw a man — possibly the suspect — fleeing east from the Mobil on West State Street.

Anyone with information on the shooting is asked to contact the Ithaca Police Department.

  • Max

    There are always people just hanging out, eating snacks and drinking from paper bags outside of this gas station. Never understood why the manager allowed this, and not surprised a violent argument eventually broke out.

  • Lincoln Rockwell

    Suspect’s black. Why am I not surprised.

    • George

      And someone named Lincoln Rockwell is racist. Why am I not surprised?

      • john doe


      • Lincoln Rockwell

        Of course you are not. Deep down, you know what those “people” from an uncivilized land are like.

        • Guy Fellows

          No, we just know what you are like.

        • Guy

          sorry but around me blacks are 13% of the population but commit 72% of the murders…mostly of other blacks. Pointing to a fact that blacks are involved in an extraordinary amount of crime isn’t bias…it is fact. Wish BLM, etc would make and effort to identify criminals…and not blame police for black’s high proportion of crime. If blacks weren’t committing such a high proportion of crimes…people, including police wouldn’t be scared of them.

          why can’t liberals admit reality?

          The only shocking part is they divulged the description…around me…they never can admit the criminals color.

    • John Patler

      Interesting that you make that comment because most of Tompkins County’s meth heads and heroin addicts are white. Where is your mouth then? According to the NYT, 60,000 mostly white people are skin popping and keeling over from smack in this country. You care to comment on that?

  • Ockie Milkman

    Legacy of Obama: Ithaca is becoming just like any other rural community in the USA. regardless of all the liberal, yuppie money of Cornell. Are there meth labs out in the sticks yet?

  • not important

    If hippies didnt glorify drug culture there wouldnt be any drug dealers having turf wars. And if billionaires werent purging the cities of the welfare class, you wouldnt be clashing with “violent short tempered over reactions make me a man” culture. You can use education to try to lift people out of poverty, but you’ll also be faced with the culture of “you aint got nothin to learn from any white teachers” that is sabotaging your efforts to make amends.