Cameron Pollack / Sun Photography Editor

August 29, 2017

Language Resource Center Offers Online Services and Workshops in New Location

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After residing in Noyes Lodge for the past 25 years, the Language Resource Center — accessible to all Cornell students interested in learning a foreign language — has relocated to Stimson Hall with brand new facilities and technology.

“The Language Center, after months of planning and construction, is now in its new home,” said Dick Feldman, the director of the Language Center. “The largest space [in Stimson], G25, now has a very high ceiling and windows, giving it an airy and open feel. There is all new furniture, corresponding to the flexible needs of the language center, for group meetings, individual work and whole-room talks.”

The Language Resource Center also provides students who are learning a new language with opportunities to practice interacting with fluent speakers outside of classroom, according to Associate Dean Marilyn Migiel.

One of these opportunities is an online for-credit language service which pairs students with various native speakers and creates language conversation.

Additionally, the new Language Resource Center will be collaborating with the Language House on West Campus to host events and meetings for students during the school year, Feldman added.

“The LRC is also planning events to include cultural interchange among students of different cultures who are learning each other’s languages,” Feldman said.

These improvements will further the mission of The Language Resource Center, Feldman said.

“[The Language Resource Center’s] mission has been to make technology-rich classroom spaces available for language classes, supply platforms and technical support for teacher development of media materials, and to sponsor talks and workshops about language teaching,” Feldman said.

The Language Resource Center will be offering tours of its new facility in Stimson this Wednesday.