Photo Courtesy of Cornell University Programming Board

September 1, 2017

Trevor Noah Set to Perform at Cornell in Less Than 3 Weeks

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Trevor Noah, the host of The Daily Show, will be performing stand-up comedy at Cornell on Sept. 17.

The Cornell University Programming Board and the Multicultural Concert Funding Advisory Board collaborated to host the event. Board members worked closely with Trevor Noah’s agent to organize the event, Emerson Sirk ’19, CUPB chairperson, told The Sun.

Ticket sales for students began Monday morning and have now been expanded to the general public.

Noah will be performing in Barton Hall, the largest indoor venue on campus with approximately 4,800 seats.

MCFAB President Keri Gill ’18 said she’s hoping students and the Cornell community will enjoy Noah’s performance.

“I’ve been a fan of The Daily Show, and it would be cool to see [Noah] in person,” said Olivia Bono ’20, who woke up early Monday morning to buy tickets. “I’m interested in seeing how he does outside of television.”

While Noah is known for his liberal political commentary on The Daily Show, Sirk said that his stand-up comedy extends farther than politics.

“Whether you are on the right or left … you should be able to enjoy the event,” he said.

Bono said Noah, who was born in South Africa, has a “different perspective that we don’t normally see in American comedy.”

“He’s funny and intelligent, and we feel like we need more outspoken people like him in these turbulent times,” Gill said.