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September 11, 2017

Preview: Two Door Cinema Club at State

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Following a show in Berlin, Germany, Irish indie-rock band Two Door Cinema Club will be performing at the Ithaca State Theater Thursday, as part of their world tour. Before they travel the country and head off to South Africa, Two Door Cinema Club will be playing in upstate New York for the first time in almost four years.

Two Door Cinema Club formed in Bangor and Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, back in 2007. The three members came together to produce and experience a new sound. Ever since their first album, Tourist History, was released back in 2010, people from all over the globe have been bumping their heads and tapping their feet along to the hip and electronic rhythm of their songs.

Two Door Cinema Club falls into the indie rock genre, but their use of electronic beats along with classic guitar, allows them to create a sound that distinguishes them from other rock bands. The alluring mix of sounds that they put together makes for captivating and uplifting beats. In one of their most famous songs, “What You Know,” they use an assortment of instruments, such as the tambourine and synthesizers, to lay the foundation of a groovy tempo that lead vocalist Alex Trimble hypnotizingly sings over.

With “What You Know” and other hits from Two Door Cinema Club, such as “Something Good Can Work” and “Undercover Martyn,” it is easy to hear their up-tempo melodies that so easily grab the listener’s attention. The band is capable of engineering music that sounds both exciting and relaxed. It makes all of their fans dance, as it is almost impossible not to move along to the beat. Even critics must admit to the catchiness of their music.

Two Door Cinema Club has established itself as a prominent band in its genre, and it has multiple features in movies and television episodes to show for it. Some of the more notable Hollywood projects that used their songs include the mystery movie Now You See Me, and the ever-prominent, binge-worthy Grey’s Anatomy.

The opening band for the concert is Circa Waves, another indie rock band from the UK. They come from a city that has produced some of the most famous and influential rock bands ever — Liverpool. Following after hometown heroes The Beatles, Circa Waves is a valuable representation of what rock has evolved into in the modern era, but they still produce some music that sounds similar to 60’s rock, almost as an ode to the trailblazing Beatles. Circa Waves pairs nicely with Two Door Cinema Club, as they both have similar alternative sounds, but Circa Waves uses a little less of the electronic beats and focuses a little more on the drumset.

Editor’s note: tickets are available through Ticketfly or at the State Theater Box Office. The show will be Thursday, Sep. 14 at 7 p.m.

AJ Stella is a Freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences. He can be reached at [email protected].