Cameron Pollack / Sun Photography Editor

September 19, 2017

Environmentally Friendly Ithaka Terraces to Open this Fall

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The Ithaka Terraces — which are scheduled to open this fall — will be the first ever net-zero condominium complex to come to Ithaca, with “cutting edge green technology” and “sustainable construction methods.”

The 12-unit condominium is located on 215 West Spencer Street, and symbolizes the community’s recent push towards energy efficiency and sustainability.

The innovative construction will allow residents to limit their environmental impact while maintaining an active quality of life, according to the press release.

The condominium uses green technology including air-source heat pumps, conduction ranges, LED lighting, electric water heaters, Low-E windows, super-insulated walls and roofs, smart temperature monitoring devices and other energy-saving devices.

Ed Cope, leader of the Ithaka Terraces team, built the first commercial rooftop solar installation in Ithaca on one of his apartment buildings on South Hill. Cope strives to create net-zero energy housing units, where entire energy use comes from a small solar farm about 15 miles east of Ithaca.

Cope’s condominiums will boast high-end amenities including hardwood and tile flooring, luxury finishes and a multitude of energy-saving appliances, and his new complex combines cutting edge technology with his own desire to help the environment.