Cornell named Dee Hawks, a residence hall director at Western Kentucky University, the University's panhellenic advisor.

Western Kentucky University

Cornell named Dee Hawks, a residence hall director at Western Kentucky University, the University's panhellenic advisor.

October 13, 2017

Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life Hires New Panhellenic Advisor

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The Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life at Cornell announced on Tuesday that Dee Hawks will join its team as assistant director and panhellenic advisor.

As panhellenic advisor, Hawks will provide guidance, input and help “set the direction of the Panhellenic community in terms of reaching goals and creating positive, tangible change,” said Caitlin Gleason ’18, Panhellenic Council president.

Interim Advisor Karli Buday took a new position in the Office of Campus and Community Engagement, opening up the position. Prior to that, Katherine Cianciotto was the panhellenic advisor.

“We were looking for someone who would be resourceful and innovative, but also could relate to students on a more personal level,” Gleason said of the selection process. “Dee has a warm, inviting personality and a plethora of experiences in fields that will enhance her ability to succeed in this role.”

Hawks, currently the residence hall director at Western Kentucky University and an advisor to the school’s Queer Student Union, declined an interview, saying she is “very excited to begin this transition and new position at Cornell.”

Hawks holds a B.A. in political science from Northern Kentucky University and a masters in education from Western Kentucky University.

Previously, Hawks served as a panhellenic advising intern and an admissions counselor at Indiana University.

Hawks “will be a good fit at Cornell because she wants to encourage students to maximize their potential, and give them the opportunity to execute a vision,” Gleason said. “This partnership and collaborative approach will allow our students to thrive and grow.”

A series of recent incidents involving members or possible members of fraternities has resurfaced discussion of the benefits and problems with Greek Life. In September, a student at the Latino Living Center reported hearing a fraternity member propose that other members “build a wall around the LLC.” Later that same month, John Greenwood ’20, who may have been an underground member of Psi Upsilon, was arrested for an assault in Collegetown and may be charged with a hate crime.

The Greek Tri-Council is implementing a new plan for increasing diversity and inclusion and training and educating its members.

“Dee will be helping oversee implementation, giving feedback and providing insight based on her previous experience with diversity and inclusion efforts in higher education,” Gleason said.

Hawks is from Louisville and  passionate about social justice and inclusion, she said on her Western Kentucky University profile.

Hawks is a member of the Delta Gamma Fraternity and has previously served as a recruitment advisor for the Theta chapter at Indiana University, according to a Facebook announcement.

She will officially begin her role at Cornell on Nov. 6.

Alisha Gupta ’20 contributed reporting to this article.

  • enlightenedboy

    This woman’s job is to begin dismantling any whiteness in fraternities and make sure to dismantle the frats if just if one white person says one small mean thing against a person of color////// or a person of color just needs to cry wolf/cry racism…..

    I see what is happening to your fraternity and sorority systems and let me be clear about it. People who don’t associate as white want to tear them down and change institutions in their own image (with people of color). I hate to make it about “us vs. them” but the fact is when a person of color enters a majority white space they feel alienated because they feel “other” because they don’t fit in because of their race.. So, they have to guilt white people into believing they don’t have a culture and that they’re automatically racist so they’ll give up their own white culture and behaviors and capitulate to the minority of people of color so they can remake the white organization into their own image and basically take it over by calling for “diversity” and “inclusiveness.” Any racial or ethnic or sexual minority should have to conform to the standards of the majority or just get out of the way and create their own organization. This is the systemic dismantling of white male mostly str8 institutions. Pretty soon white flight will be occurring across the IVY league as whites become a minority (as they have at Harvard).

    • New Yorker

      In addition to your whining, there’s so much that’s wrong with your comment, it’s hard to know where to start….

      What you’re basically arguing here, *unenlightened boy* is that frats are white spaces for white culture. If that’s true, then perhaps Cornell should begin a serious discussion about why that is.

    • Jay Wind

      Actually, she is the sorority advisor, not the fraternity advisor (Justin Goldsman was recently hired for that job.)