Murali Saravanan / Sun Staff Writer

Food at Koko's

November 30, 2017

Koko’s vs Four Seasons

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Since Koko’s and Four Seasons are the two restaurants in Collegetown marketing themselves as Korean restaurants, I decided to do a comparison of the two. Comparing restaurants is a really tricky business since so many small external factors can affect your experience at each restaurant. To keep as many factors constant as possible, I visited both Koko’s and Four Seasons for dinner around seven in the evening and bought the same two entrees at both restaurants. I ordered Dwaeji Bulgogi, a pork dish marinated in spicy hot sauce, and Beef Dolsot Bibimbap, a beef and steamed vegetable dish served over steamed rice and topped with an egg in a sizzling stone pot.

Both restaurants provide a casual, sit-down atmosphere. The service was friendly and speedy, with the food arriving within 10 minutes. At Four Seasons, I spent about $34. At Koko’s, both these dishes only cost $28. This price difference was entirely due to the difference in the Dwaeji Bulgogi Gui. At Four Season’s this dish was more expensive, but it also came with slightly more meat.

I’ve been to a few Korean restaurants back home, and I’ve gotta say that the Dolsot Bibimbap at both locations definitely tasted better than what I’ve had before. The rice, vegetables and meat complemented each other really well, making a savory and hearty meal. The only difference was that at Koko’s the Dolsot Bibimbap came with a little less meat and more rice. Also, the egg was not fried as it was at Four Seasons; it was simply placed on top raw.

The Dwaeji Bulgogi at Koko’s was decent. It was a spicy pork dish with a twinge of sweetness and tasted delicious with some rice. It did, however, taste a little dry, and the dish got cold really quickly. However, the Bulgogi at Four Seasons was phenomenal. Although not as spicy as Koko’s, the meat was more tender and juicy. The sauce was incredibly savory, and the dish stayed warmer for longer as well. Since the dish was bigger at Four Seasons, I would recommend sharing it with another person.

Both these Korean restaurants were great. I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere at both of these places, and the food was above average. If you’re looking for great Korean food, both of these restaurants are great choices. But overall, I would recommend Four Seasons over Koko’s because their Dwaeji Bulgogi was absolutely delicious and for that alone, the restaurant is definitely worth checking out.


Serves: traditional Korean food

Vibe: a casual, sit-down restaurant

Price: $$

Overall: ★★★☆☆

Four Seasons

Serves: traditional Korean food

Vibe: a casual, sit-down restaurant

Price: $$

Overall: ★★★½