February 11, 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Re: ‘Cornell Fraternity Responds to University Report of ‘Pig Roast’ Contest, Awarding Points for Sex’

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To the Editor:

An article titled “Cornell fraternity on probation after a ‘pig roast’ contest to have sex with overweight women” recently appeared in the Washington Post. It would seem we’ll never, ever learn that the so-called, “Greek”, organizations are not about the culture of ancient Greece, but rather about the sort of tribalism that seems to have infected our country at large lately. I’m a Cornell alumnus, College of Arts and Sciences ’58, and I’m thoroughly ashamed to have this abomination attached to the place I once revered. To be sure I was a GDI, and proud of it. But I’d then thought of frats as more silly than criminal. I strongly believe that the days of fraternities and sororities should be ended, and I urge the Trustees of the University to take action to eliminate them.


Martin Mendelson ’58, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Professor, School of Public Health

University of Washington, Seattle