March 1, 2018

FROM THE EDITOR: Keep Shining, Cornell

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What a year. We saw milestones like the much-anticipated opening of Cornell Tech, the ascension of our men’s hockey team to No. 1 in the nation, and the inauguration of Cornell’s 14th president. We witnessed an assault in Collegetown, the dismissal of Cornell’s oldest a cappella group for hazing, and the sudden resignation of the dean of the business college. These events, good and bad, make up the Cornell narrative, and it is our duty to make sure you, our readers, stay informed. As the incoming editors of the 136th board prepare to take over, they face this important task ahead of them.

At The Sun, we aim to document every milestone, investigate every incident, and provide commentary on issues that affect a wide range of communities. We present this complex narrative in hopes of evoking responses and empowering Cornellians to take action. To accomplish this, we think carefully about how to present and craft our stories; it is why we not only follow a comprehensive workflow for reporting and editing, but also experiment with as many diverse mediums as possible. Publishing interactive projects, launching more mobile-centric content, and creating photo essays and videos is only the beginning of carrying out our vision for digital journalism here at The Sun, and a continuation of our goal to improve the quality and breadth of our content.

None of this would be possible without the people who choose to dedicate their time to The Sun every day, regardless of other pressing commitments and deadlines. Working with and learning from the members of the 135th Editorial Board has been the experience of a lifetime. The responsibilities that we have were taxing, at times unbearable, but with each challenge came a better understanding of each other and the unique work that we do. To the incoming members of the 136th board, I am extremely proud of your work these past few weeks, and I end my term knowing that you will continue to do great things.

When people think of The Sun, they may think of our reporters and editors. But I believe that the eyes and ears of this organization extend to all corners of Cornell. We learn and discover more about this institution everyday because you share your experiences and observations with us. With your support, we have done more than we ever could have achieved alone. What the future holds is unclear, but let’s light the way forward together.

To the Hill!