April 8, 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Concerning the Sun’s mobile website

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To the editor:

I frequently visit the Daily Sun’s website on my phone, as I do not use my computer often. As of this year, whenever I open an article on my phone’s browser, I soon get a pop up, likely a phishing scam, from a website claiming to be Amazon.com and that I have just won a prize. I assumed at first that this was a problem that only I had, but over the past months, dozens of my peers have told me that they have the same issue with the website. A close friend of mine told me that he emailed the editors at the paper about this situation and received no response. It seems unfortunate to me that one of the most prestigious college papers in the country is beset with the same basic tech woes as a low-end porn site.

Nathan Chazan ’19

Editor’s Note (4/11/18): The Sun is aware of the fraudulent pop-up advertisement that occasionally appears on our mobile website. While The Sun is not the only website facing this issue, we are committed to debugging our site and providing our readers with the best possible mobile experience.