April 27, 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: ‘Cornell Students Rally in Support of Gaza Protest’

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To the Editor: 

In her article, “Cornell Students Rally…”, Cornell Daily Sun reporter Julia Curley quotes CCJP founder Prof. Darlene Evans’ contention that “You don’t have to know about what’s going on in Palestine…to stand in solidarity with Palestine.” Let’s examine that contention.

The CCJP represents as “non-violent” the Gaza/Palestinians who throw firebombs, attempt to plant explosives (IEDs and hand grenades) to breach the border with and invade Israel, and are exhorted by their elected government, Hamas, to then “eat the livers” of Israelis. Describing such actions and verbiage as “non-violent” suggests a seriously disordered CCJP agenda.

Prof. Evans evidently feels you don’t have to know that there is a Gaza border closure by both Israel and Egypt. Gazans are not setting off IEDs, launching firebombs, burning tires or attempting to breach their border with Egypt, because they know Egypt’s military would not respond with the restraint shown by the IDF. Prior to defensive responses to secure its border, Israel informs Palestinian by leaflet drop. By means of this unprecedented humanitarian gesture, even while under attack, Israel tries to spare the lives of Gaza’s civilians.

Perhaps Prof. Evans feels you don’t need to know that Hamas has been designated as a terrorist group by much of the world, and that Hamas uses its foreign aid income to build sophisticated, electrified terror tunnels that can accommodate motorcycles. These terror tunnels access Israeli villages and were built to carry out the murder and kidnapping of civilians, which is a war crime.

Perhaps Prof. Evans does not want you to consider that if Hamas chose to use its foreign aid income and its concrete to build cruise ship facilities along its gorgeous Mediterranean coast, life in Gaza would not revolve around hatred and violence presented as victimhood.

But Gazans do not chose to use their world-supplied financial resources to become a Singapore or a Monaco. One can only wonder why. Instead, Hamas demonstrates no concern for the lives of Palestinians, and actually encourages martyrdom for propaganda purposes.

Consistent with her professional responsibilities, Prof. Evans wouldn’t try to steer you away from a thoughtful examination of these facts, would she?

Julia Lutch