Courtesy of The Ithaca Fire Department

Firefighters and police responded to a fire on the corner of Green Street and Fulton Street.

August 30, 2018

Firefighters Respond to Call for Blazing Tractor Near Agway Supply Store

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Firefighters and police responded to multiple reports of a fire on the corner of Green Street and Fulton Street Wednesday night.

According to a press release issued by the Office of the Fire Chief at 11:00 pm, multiple 911 calls of a fire near the farm supply store Agway alerted first responders shortly before 9:30 pm.

The source of the blaze was a mere three blocks from the fire department’s downtown headquarters, and firefighters arrived within minutes, according to the press release.

Arriving at the scene, firefighters found a tractor trailer ablaze.

Upon arrival, “firefighters knocked down the bulk of the blaze in the trailer and then went into the building to put out the fire that had spread there,” the press release said. “After extinguishing the remaining fire they ventilated the smoke from the building.”

Five engines and a Bangs ambulance were on the scene and fire police and firefighters rerouted traffic, shutting off access to Fulton street.

Lieutenant Thomas Basher Jr. in a phone call with The Sun at 11:33 pm said that Fulton Street was still closed to traffic but would likely reopen “within the hour.”

According to a Facebook post by the Ithaca Fire Department, off duty IFD personnel and Cayuga Heights, Newfield and Lansing Fire Departments were called in to “cover other calls during the fire.”

No injuries were reported, and a cause has not yet been determined, but the incident is currently under investigation.