Boris Tsang / Sun Assistant Photography Editor

Student Assembly meeting at Willard Straight Hall on September 20th, 2018.

September 27, 2018

New Freshman and Transfer Student Representatives Elected to Student Assembly

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The first-year students elected Valentina Xu ’22, Umran Mustafa ’22, Mike Stefanko ’22 and Indigo Pavlov ’22 as their new freshman student representatives, and Catherine Huang ’21 as the new transfer student representative for the  2018-19 Student Assembly term.

The newly-minted freshman student representatives and transfer student representative beat 11 and three other candidates, respectively, to earn their place in the S.A.

In this election cycle, 47.19 percent of the electorate voted for the freshman representative race in the election, a slight increase over the 46.67 percent turnout of last year. Meanwhile, the voter participation rate for the transfer student representative race drastically jumped to 26.15 percent from 18.75 percent in 2017.

Below are the exact vote counts of all the candidates who participated in the election, save for the tallies of Laura Holland ’22, freshman student representative candidate, who was disqualified by the S.A. elections committee.

Holland was disqualified for chalking on the vertical surface of the staircases near Balch Hall and Roberts Purcells Community Center, according to election committee documents viewed by The Sun. Her vote tallies are not released and all votes cast for her are not counted.

New Freshman Representatives (4):

Valentina Xu ’22                 469

Umran Mustafa ’22            341

Mike Stefanko ’22               329

Indigo Pavlov ’22                279

New Transfer Student Representative (1):

Catherine Huang ’21           111

Other Candidates for Freshman Representative (10):

Kwasi A-B Baryeh ’22       274

Jolie Wei ’22                       252

George Defendini ’22        234

John Clancy ’22                 229

Akugbe Imudia ’22            220

Kirubeal Wondimu ’22     217

Nicole Iori ’22                    179

Connie Hou ’22                 161

Lucas Smith ’22                122

Alex Foley ’22                    117

Disqualified Candidate for Freshman Representative (1):

Laura Holland ’22

Other Candidates for Transfer Student Representative (3):

Stephen Rutkowski ’21     52

Michelle Glauberzon ’21   16

Dawna Badie ’21                 13