Courtesy of Cornell Dining

Straight from the Market is a new cafe above Okenshield's in Willard Straight Hall.

October 10, 2018

Cornell Dining Brings Food from the Market to Willard Straight Hall

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Cornell Dining officially opened up a new “Straight from the Market” dining section at Willard Straight Hall to serve food directly from the “market.” The section features farm-style decorations as well as hot and cold dishes.

Straight from the Market is located on the main floor of Willard Straight Hall above Okenshields. It has a hot dish bar surrounded by self-served salad section and other cold food choices including sushi and drinks. A sitting area can be found in front of Terrace Lounge.

The cafe’s goal is to provide a “quick Convenience Market concept for our Central Campus community,” said Mark Anbinder, web communications manager for campus life marketing and communications, The Sun previously reported.

Straight from the Market offers a number of daily specials including red wine braised beef stew, mashed sweet potatoes with caramelized onion and tofu chili. It also serves Cornell Dairy ice cream, coffee and infused water. A daily menu is posted in front of the cashier.

“Our own Cornell Hydroponic Gardens will be harvesting fresh greens, tomatoes, herbs, and cucumbers in a few weeks, and we’ll be shifting to use those supplies as long as we can,” Anbinder previously told The Sun.

Straight from the Market takes a number of payment methods including Big Red Bucks, cash and credit card. It now offers free food samples in certain time periods according to Cornell Dining’s twitter account.

Straight from the Market is similar to Trillium in terms of pricing, offering self-served salad at around $8 per pound. A number of students stopped at the new dining area to check out food and drinks Straight from the Market had to offer.

Arianna Rebancos ’20 said that she appreciated the dining experience offered by Straight from the Market, which is different from the other traditional “cafeteria-style” on-campus dining choices.

“It’s good to have a source of fresh food on campus,” Rebancos said.

Claudia Poclaba ’20 told The Sun that she liked the food at Straight from the Market.

“I like that they have vegetarian options,” Poclaba said. “We have all the ‘cafeteria food’, [but] sometimes it’s harder for vegetarians [to find food choices].”