Amanda Seales, who rose has risen to stardom for her role as Tiffany Dubois in the Emmy-nominated comedy series “Insecure," will be coming to Cornell on November 3.

October 25, 2018

Amanda Seales, Star of HBO’s Emmy-Nominated Series “Insecure,” Will Deliver Stand-Up Show at Cornell

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On Nov. 3, Cornell students will have the chance to set aside their textbooks and enjoy an hour of humor during a stand-up performance by Amanda Seales, who rose to stardom for her role as Tiffany Dubois in the Emmy-nominated comedy series “Insecure.”

The event will be held in the Statler Auditorium and is organized by the Cornell University Program Board. In the past, CUPB has hosted events on campus that have brought celebrities such as Trevor Noah last year and Michelle Wolf earlier in the semester.

To get speakers and performers to campus, the organization collaborates with various agencies outside Cornell, who recommend various acts for consideration.

“Amanda Seales was somebody that they told us has a lot of talents, very versatile, very funny, and she talks about a broad range of topics and we thought that was very important,” said Lolia Briggs ’19, CUPB promotion chair. .

“We’ve eyed people from the show ‘Insecure’ because, you know, it’s a very popular show. It’s gotten a lot of awards and recognition so it would be great to get someone from the cast,” Briggs told The Sun.

“Insecure,” now in its third session, has won numerous awards from the African-American Film Critics Association in 2016 and 2017. In addition, it has been a Golden Globe nominee for the past two years.

Seales is known to discuss current events and social issues, shedding light on them through humor during her performances, Briggs said.

“As an organization, we’re trying to bring more women to campus,” Briggs told The Sun. “We’d like more diversity just in the range of people that we bring so everyone on campus can have a good time.”

However, she added that the main reason for having Seales is simply to put on an entertaining performance for the Cornell community to enjoy.

“I am so excited,” said Briggs. “Well, I have to [be] there, but I’ll be glad to be there,” she concluded with a laugh.

Tickets will be $5 for Cornell students and $8 and for the general public, and are currently available on the Cornell Concerts website.