October 29, 2018

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote for Tracy Mitrano J.D. ‘95

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To the editor:

On Tuesday, November 6, I will be casting my vote for Tracy Mitrano to represent the people of New York State’s 23rd district. I support Tracy for her position on many of the bread and butter issues that we face — a basic level of healthcare for all families, strengthening our public schools, protecting our precious environment and ensuring a living wage for all working people. These are all areas currently under attack by a Congress dominated by Republican lawmakers like Tracy’s opponent, Tom Reed. His voting record speaks for itself. Another important reason for my strong support of Tracy Mitrano is her emphasis on the importance of protecting our nation from cyber threats. She is uniquely qualified for this particular effort given her background in information technology policy, both at the institutional and national level. I know firsthand that she works tirelessly to understand this complex environment and how to best balance the need for access with the need for vigilance. It is folly to ignore the seriousness of this threat. The recent Congressional hearings with Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, demonstrated how ill-prepared most members of Congress are to address it. Indeed, they were hard-pressed to even formulate the right questions for Zuckerberg. We need members of Congress like Tracy who possess knowledge of the cyber landscape that is both broad and deep.

Please join me in electing the best-qualified candidate for the 23rd district Congressional seat.

Andrea Beesing