November 8, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Why The 161 Things Needs Major Changes

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To the editor:

The 161 Things Every Cornellian Should Do has been gaining significant attention over the past couple of days. As I was reading the list, I noticed some activities would be considered inappropriate and even illegal. I am not in favor of eradicating the list; there just need to be some major changes to ensure everyone complies with the law.  It all started when I posted a meme criticizing the 161 Things on Cornell: Any Person Any Meme, the Facebook page. Some students have caught on and are now in favor of wanting those changes. Others were not in favor of the changes and thought it would mean having their freedoms taken away.

There are many notable activities that need to be removed from the list just because some are plain stupid, offensive to others, and even illegal. I named over 80 activities that need to be considered for removal; however, I will name a few of utmost importance right here.

  1. Sex in the stacks.

I find this behavior to be extremely offensive. In fact, public sex is a misdemeanor that can result in a year in jail and a fine.

  1.  Getting kicked out of Balch Hall.

You must be male in order to cross off this activity. I am in favor in removing activities that can only be performed by certain groups.  Everyone should be able to enjoy an activity, regardless of gender.

  1. Skinny-dipping in the gorge.

I can’t believe the number of students that have drowned in the gorges. In fact, swimming in the gorges is illegal and highly dangerous. No more students should have to die because of that activity.

  1. Get J.A.’d for urinating at the law school.

Does anyone really need to see a private activity? In fact, public urination is a misdemeanor in some locations that can result in a fine.

  1. Writing dirty messages on rocks.

I am a nature lover who believes that anything natural should be left in peace. Beauty that has taken millions of years to form has just been desecrated in one second.

In the end, if you ever get in trouble with law enforcement and just say you were crossing off activities on the list, it would be a very poor excuse with regards to the law and arrest would definitely occur.  As I posted the potential consequences on the meme group, a few students just laughed at my comment. It’s never funny to get arrested and face potential imprisonment, and it’s certainly no fun to end up with a criminal record.  No one should have to get in trouble just because of an activity. I am not trying to destroy everyone’s fun time; I just want to make the campus a better place by promoting law and order.

Matthew Press ’20

Editor’s Response: Matthew, on the off-chance you’re serious, and not just trying to cross #61 off your list…dude.