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November 15, 2018

Howard Milstein ’73 Named Trustee for PGA REACH

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Howard Milstein ’73 was named  a Trustee for Professional Golfers’ Association Reach this month. PGA Reach is the charitable arm of PGA that helps provide the general population with better access to the game of golf.

According to the PGA Reach website, “Trustees are an advisory group who assist with strategy, fundraising, and overall program support of the three core pillars for PGA REACH.”

Milstein was named trustee and he pledged $1 million to PGA Reach in honor of Jack Nicklaus — PGA Member and five time PGA Champion. Milstein is also a chairman of 8AM Golf, the publisher of GOLF Magazine and executive chairman of the Nicklaus Companies.

“Jack introduced Howard to PGA REACH several years ago, and since that time Howard worked with PGA REACH, met the Trustees and learned more about the great work PGA REACH was doing to help grow the game, impact youth, seed diversity and inclusion programs, and also help our veterans become part of our community,” said James Haggerty, media correspondent for 8AM Golf, in an email to The Sun.

According to PGA Reach, Milstein’s gift was designed to inspire others to contribute to PGA REACH, as well as convey his belief in golf and the mission of PGA REACH.

“As he joined PGA REACH as a Trustee, Howard could think of no better way to honor the values and traditions of golf than through a donation in honor of his friend and partner, Jack Nicklaus,” Haggerty said in the email. “Jack not only rewrote the record book, but is also a model American, family man, and philanthropist.”

According to Haggerty, the donation will be going to the PGA Jr. League, a flagship youth program designed to bring family and friends together for golf experiences, and to other programs that “support veterans and seed diversity efforts throughout the sport.”

“I deeply believe in the game of golf and its positive impact on participants of all ages,” Mr. Milstein told PGA Reach. “Through this donation and my involvement as a PGA Reach Trustee, I hope to give back to a community, and a game, that has given me so much.”