Connor Smith / Sun Contributor

Hundreds of campus organizations participate in ClubFest, which takes place at the beginning of every semester.

January 29, 2019

400+ Organizations to Explore at ClubFest This Sunday

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The Welcome Weekend Committee will host its spring ClubFest this Sunday, showcasing hundreds of student organizations on campus in Barton Hall with booths, giveaways and plenty of sign-up sheets.

ClubFest serves as an “excellent occasion” to help registered student organizations recruit new members while providing an opportunity for interested students to discover new interests, according to the organization’s event page.

Elijah Gordon ’22, a freshman who said he was planning to attend the event, hopes to “find an extracurricular that [he’s] passionate about and can pursue throughout the semester with a great group of people.”

According to the Facebook event page, ClubFest will host over 400 clubs and several performances by student groups.

“ClubFest has been essential to our recruitment process in our efforts to admit women beyond the conventional business majors,” Sarah Karkoura ’20, vice president of operations for Forté Campus, told The Sun. Forté Campus aims to empower women to “pursue their diverse interests and foster relationships,” its website reads.

“Clubfest exposes our organization to underclassmen of all academic interests who are just looking to find their place on campus,” Karkoura said.

Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed community service fraternity, also participates in the event every semester.

Ivan Rios ’20, president of APO, said that ClubFest allows for in-person interactions with potential members, which are “incredibly important for building that first connection between us and new members.”

Last semester’s ClubFest saw attendance of around 3,000 students according to the event page. With growing popularity over recent years, ClubFest is held biannually at the beginning of each semester.

“I’m interested in seeing if any new clubs have formed since last semester,” says Kerry Wong ’22.

Spring ClubFest also acts as a good opportunity for students to revisit clubs they signed up for in the fall.

“I signed up for a lot of listservs in the fall, so this time I’m planning on looking at some of the clubs I signed up for but never ended up attending any of their meetings,” Gordon said.

This event was planned by the Welcome Weekend Committee, a student-run organization that hosts events at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

The Spring ClubFest will take place in Barton Hall this Sunday, Feb. 3 from 1-3 p.m.