Courtesy of Cornell University

Low Rise 6, a freshman dorm located on North Campus, temporarily lost heating and Internet services after a weather-related incident.

February 3, 2019

Heating, Internet Restored to Low Rise 6

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On Thursday, a pipe burst in the freshman dormitory Low Rise 6. Flooding caused facility damages, including the loss of Internet services. University administration confirmed that the pipe has been repaired and everything is back to normal.

Karen Brown, senior director of campus life marketing and communications, said that all services were restored to the freshman dorm.

Brown wrote in an email to The Sun on Friday that all services, including heat and internet, are set up and working again.

The pipe burst on Thursday afternoon, and Cornell’s Environmental Health and Safety team were the first responders to the accident, with the plumbing team not far behind.

Brown said that the decision to shut down the heat was made in order to “stop the leak from becoming much, much worse.”

The custodial team then dried the carpeting to prevent mold or mildew, which “can become a hazard if not addressed.”

Water seeped into the tech control room, and so internet was shut down in order to stop further damage. IT@Cornell rebooted Internet services on Friday morning.

Residents were concerned about the condition of the elevator, as some of the water entered it. After inspection, no damage was found in the elevator.

Brown attributed the pipe burst to recent extreme weather.

“Extreme cold can result in pipes freezing, and this winter’s unusual pattern of sharply alternating warm and cold stretches makes the effect on pipes worse,” Brown said.