Yoo Jin Bae / Sun Sketch Designer

February 22, 2019

Dining Debates: All the Sauces

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This week’s dining section debates is all about the condiments we add to food to give it that extra dimension of flavor. Not only are these sauces and syrups highly contested food items in and of themselves, the way we eat and store them also vary widely. So what do you do? Cast your vote today and see what the rest of Cornell thinks about these controversial food issues!

Do you feel really strongly about your opinion on either of the questions this week – is there really only one right answer? We want to hear from you! Send us any reasoning or arguments supporting why you feel the way you do and we might just feature your explanation in an upcoming Dining article.

    *These polls only work on the website version of the Sun and will not appear on the app. Open this article in a web browser to vote and view results.