March 3, 2019

FROM THE EDITOR: It’s Always Sunny in Ithaca

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This past Saturday, The Sun took on the hefty task of electing its newest editorial board, the 137th. As a board, we are excited to take off where the 136th left off and are inspired to forge our own paths. It is such a privilege for us to continue the 139-year legacy that is The Sun and the thousands of individuals who have supported our institution.

Last year’s board took The Sun mobile with the launch of its app. It was accompanied by continued growth from our web and design teams and we saw a greater push for graphics, sketches and interactivity with our audience. Our sports and arts teams tackled podcasts to take us to a whole new medium.

Our digital mentality has allowed us to break stories, live-tweet hockey games and give a timely update of what’s happening in the Cornell community. It provides multiple new interfaces for us to interact with our audience and to cover a more topics. Last year’s board left a strong legacy, and each board presents a brand new opportunity for editors to let their creativity shine.

While The Sun is not exempt from the obstacles the journalism industry faces, have no fear, we are continuing to work hard — if not harder — to bring you quality content in a timely manner. We will work around the clock to continue engaging with our audience, especially as our digital interface continues to grow and makes us more accessible.

Providing our audience with the depth of coverage you want to see will remain a priority for us and is a constant goal our new board is excited to strive for. We thank you for your support as we continue to navigate the challenging waters of journalism. We are proud of our past and purely excited to work on our future, filled with opportunities to deliver strong and accurate content.

And so it goes . . . 

The 137th editorial board is about to embark on a yearlong journey and we are so excited to share it with you.

Anu Subramaniam