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The newly-elected students will begin their positions effective starting Fall 2019.

March 27, 2019

S.A. Election Results: Joe Anderson ’20 Elected President, Cat Huang ’21 to Be Executive Vice President

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After three days of voting, Cornell’s undergraduates elected Joe Anderson ’20 as the next Student Assembly president. Voters also elected Cat Huang ’21, current S.A. transfer representative, as executive vice president, the position now held by Anderson.

Anderson was elected by a 538-vote margin over the second-place candidate, Trevor Davis ’21, in the second round of voting. In the initial tally, Anderson received 1,892 votes, Davis garnered 1,515 and John Dominguez ’20 — who was eliminated after the first round  — received 1,009 first-choice votes.

“I’m so grateful to the student body for giving me this opportunity and placing their trust in me,” Anderson told The Sun. “I’m so excited to start building our next year’s executive committee so that we can all start setting priorities and expectations for the assembly.”

He emphasized the importance of this year as the beginning of a new funding cycle, which begins in early April, as well as reaffirming his commitment to “making sure every student feels like they belong at Cornell.”

In the race for executive vice president, Huang won 1,798 votes in the first round, with competitors Nick Matolka ’21 and Uche Chukwukere ’21 receiving 819 and 1,523 votes, respectively.

As EVP, Huang hopes to continue her work on several “long-term projects” that she started during her first term in Student Assembly, such as improving off-campus housing affordability as well as ensuring student input is heard in major projects like the North Campus expansion project.

“[I] want to make sure that the student voice is heard when these policy changes are being discussed,” Huang told The Sun.

With Huang’s election to EVP, voters effectively elected Davis and Chukwukere, current LGBTQ+ liaison representative, as the two undesignated at-large Student Assembly representatives.

“Though I don’t really know what an undesignated at-large representative is, I’m truly honored the student body found my resume worthy of containing that position,” Davis told The Sun.

Additionally, Bryan Weintraub ’21 won re-election as the School of Hotel Administration representative while Polina Solovyeva ’21 was elected as the School of Industrial and Labor Relations representative.

Kirubeal Wondimu ’22 was re-elected first-generation student representative. Voters also re-elected Moriah Adeghe ’21 and Colin Benedict ’21 as minority students liaisons at-large.

The elections saw a voter turnout of 39.9 percent of undergraduates, a nearly 13 percentage point increase from last year’s voting rate of 27 percent.

The full list of winners is as follows:

President of the Student Assembly: Joe Anderson ’20

Executive Vice President of the Student Assembly: Cat Huang ’21

Undesignated At-Large Student Assembly Representative: Uche Chukwukere ’21

Undesignated At-Large Student Assembly Representative: Trevor Davis ’21

School of Hotel Administration Student Assembly Representative: Bryan Weintraub ’21

School of Industrial & Labor Relations Student Assembly Representative: Polina Solovyeva ’21

Minority Students Liaison At-Large Student Assembly Representative: Moriah Adeghe ’21

Minority Students Liaison At-Large Student Assembly Representative: Colin Benedict ’21

First-Generation Student Representative: Kirubeal Wondimu ’22

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