August 27, 2019

FROM THE EDITOR: Make The Sun Shine

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Bittersweet. As we transition into another changing of the seasons on The Hill, we open our arms to an entire new class of bright minds with untapped potential. A whole new journey packed with transformative experiences and endless growth is beginning for thousands of new students and we at The Sun are ready to experience it alongside you.

We are thankful to our now graduated staff, editors and business associates who helped carry The Sun through their tenure and left it burning as bright as ever. But we are ready to keep burning bright.

And we think you, our readers, should consider being a part of it. Come and join The Sun.

Everyday under The Sun is different: a new administrative policy to cover, a new face to capture, a new set of hard questions that has to be asked.

We get to explore journalism at a revolutionary point in its history as news is just a swipe away and information happens in real-time.

You can see us tackling issues on and off campus as we explore local Ithaca, watch from the bleachers, follow national news and bring you information that was not previously on your radar.

And if being the person that gets to explore journalism or asks the hard questions or works to bring information to light is something you want to explore, our doors are open. The Sun could not continue shining unless new faces with fresh energy entered its office doors eager to question, argue, research and report. We think you can do that.

Our recruitment meetings this fall will be on Sept. 11 and Sept. 12 from 5-6 p.m. in Goldwin Smith Hall G76. We hope to see you there and we will be eagerly waiting to answer your questions and welcome the future of The Sun. For more information, feel free to check out our team at We welcome any students interested in journalism from writing to photography to design and beyond.

It’s never too late to help write history. The Sun has been doing it for the past 139 years, and I hope you join us for this next one.