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Uris Library would be one of 130 locations with free printing come October.

September 4, 2019

Free Printing for Students Jammed in the System

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For students rushing to print course syllabi, book lists and first assignments, the pages are already piling up. It seems like free printing can’t come soon enough. However, Cornellians can soon breathe a sigh of relief; an update to printing pricing is on the way.

“The current Net-Print system includes 200 printers in nearly 130 locations across campus and as with any project of this scale, enough time and preparation is paramount to preventing unnecessary service disruptions,” student trustee Jaewon Sim ’21 told The Sun in a written statement on Wednesday.

Sim did not give a specific date for when the printing allocation would go into effect.

Originally announced last semester, undergraduate students will receive approximately 200 pages of free printing each year, as The Sun previously reported. The new printing allocations, which are part of the larger Student Printing Service Project, are scheduled to begin this October.

As of right now, students can only print documents free of charge at select spots on campus, such as Office of Diversity and Academic Initiatives, the Student Development Diversity Initiatives building and in the Asian American Studies Resource Center.

“I appreciate Cornell IT’s leadership — and the student body’s patience — during this time of transition and look forward to the expected announcement and launch of the new printing service,” said Sim.

Sim, former vice president of internal relations for the Student Assembly, led the initiative to streamline and overhaul the printing system over the course of his two years in S.A. The success of this initiative became a cornerstone of his campaign for student trustee last year.