December 9, 2019


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What an honor to finish off the year and decade with this semester’s last regular print publication. Just like that, The Sun wraps up another semester. But, don’t worry, The Sun is not setting just quite yet. We may not be sending out our usual dozen Facebook posts a day, but we will still publish major Cornell happenings on our website, Twitter and Facebook. For those of you waiting on your toes for our full-time return, we will be back next semester after our editors get some major sleep and overcome their denial that The Sun affected our final grades.

This past semester has allowed us to take you, our readers, on quite the ride. We have covered everything from underage drinking and fake IDs to the proposed changes in the Greek system. We have given you minute-to-minute updates of our hockey games while live tweeting the action on the ice. We are diligently working on our app to provide new services such as QR code readers to take our future stories to the next level. We are looking at ongoing issues such as the mental health services and reforms on campus, food insecurity and the divestment issue.

Even though it seems like the editors of the 137th Editorial Board just took over the reigns of The Sun, we will be passing them on to the 138th Editorial Board compets for our next issues. Beginning Jan. 20, the candidates for the next editorial board will maneuver the do’s and don’ts of The Sun while learning how to answer angry emails and run on superhuman levels of caffeine. They’ll join the thousands of Sun alums that have walked through the doors of 139 W. State Street to support the nation’s oldest continuously independent college daily. We can’t wait to see how they better our 139-year-old institution, and hope they share our love for Shortstop and 2 a.m. TCAT rides by the time they are through with the six week process.

Forward and onward into a new semester, new year, new decade and a new Sun Editorial Board. Stay sunny.