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The 11 resolutions discussed in the meeting yesterday include a movement to abolish the $234 student activity fee.

January 31, 2020

Student Assembly Passes Internal Rules Change, Discusses Flu Season in Brief Meeting

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Correction appended. 

In a session of the Student Assembly lasting no more than 20 minutes, two resolutions regarding the revision of project funding rules were bookended by discussions about flu prevention and the status of the coronavirus outbreak.

Joseph Anderson ’20, S.A. president, began the meeting with a simple proclamation, aimed at all Cornell students.

“Please wash your hands,” Anderson said. “It’s the best way to fight the flu and not get sick.”

The theme of illnesses continued with an announcement from Youhan Yuan ’21, who expressed concern about the public perception of the coronavirus outbreak in the wake of a ban on University-related travel to China.

“I know people who are stuck in Wuhan and cannot come back to campus,” Yuan said, who then encouraged students who were “personally impacted” by the outbreak to reach out to him for support.

After the announcement, the focus of the meeting shifted to the discussion of two resolutions concerning S.A. finances.

Resolution 24, discussed first, called for a yearly revision of a number of standing rules, most notably splitting the responsibility of approving club funding decisions between the appropriations committee and the S.A.

The resolution, sponsored by Moriah Adeghe ’21, S.A. vice president for finance, also requires members to communicate their absences with the S.A. executive board ahead of time and to prepare biweekly reports detailing potential resolutions for review. It passed unanimously with no debate.

The next order of business was Resolution 26, which was again sponsored by Adeghe — a request for $5,000 in funding for the Cornell Lending Library’s new travel grant.

The Cornell Lending Library is an organization “dedicated to improving the educational experience of students” and improving access to academic resources through free semester-long loans of textbooks and iClickers, according to its Facebook page.

Much like the first resolution, this too was passed unanimously, without debate. A number of voices in the assembly called to adjourn, a quick vote was called and the meeting ended, only 20 minutes after its beginning.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated the class year of S.A. president Joseph Anderson. He is in the class of 2020, not 2021.