Jeremy Markus / Assistant Arts Editor

February 6, 2020

ART OF THE WEEK | ‘Medical Police’

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If you’re looking for a well-written, clear and generally sensible show to help you maintain your sanity this semester, Medical Police is not that show.

Netflix’s 2020 spinoff of Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital stars Erinn Hayes and Rob Heubel as (semi) professional doctors who get swept up in a worldwide supervirus conspiracy that reaches all the way to the top…of the underfunded CDC. While that sounds reasonable enough, I assure you, the series is anything but.

If a million monkeys banging away on typewriters managed to produce a single scrap of legible text, it would be more coherent than this series. In a way, that’s a compliment. As a connoisseur of the fine arts (and by that, I mean ridiculous media), I must say, this is one of the stranger shows I have watched in a good while. And I loved it. Medical Police is bizarre in the best of ways. Nothing makes sense, but the irreverence of the writers and cast shines through, letting the audience know that nothing should be making sense, so don’t worry. My mom described it as “Airplane!-esque.” I’d describe it as a solid way to escape Ithaca for four hours.


Jeremy Markus is a sophomore in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He currently serves as the assistant arts editor on The Sun’s board. He can be reached at [email protected].