February 26, 2020

FROM THE EDITOR: A Tale of Two Boards

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In what could be dubbed one of the most overused quotations in literature, Charles Dickens managed to express the sentiment of an editorship with The Sun: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Together we soared the highs of breaking news, spinning national into local and removing Oxford commas. But we also braced long nights, snow storms, public criticisms from those who we would consider our mentors and peers, missed homework assignments and pressure from our self-imposed deadlines.

Through the seasons of light and darkness, I gained an impenetrable respect for my fellow members of 137, and renewed my faith in our generation. We watched some departments transform through social media, graphics and multimedia. We covered everything from the college admissions scandal, to local government campaigns, to our convocation speaker changing, to our Lynah teams. Through the sourcing, writing and sleepless nights we saw 137 shine through their dedication, perseverance, tact and strength. I am grateful for the time I have had with each and every one of you and I hope you know how far you have come this past year. In the simplest of words, that are not nearly enough, thank you.

With each piece of work we produced, we continued a legacy, one which we now leave in the very capable hands of the 138th Editorial Board. My epoch of belief only continued after watching this group take the reins these past six weeks. They have truly made The Sun their own with a renewed energy and project lineup. I have no doubt that they are ready for the challenges ahead of them. The Sun has been a part of Ithaca and Cornell since its conception in 1880, and I know with this strong group of editors at the helm, they will continue to show why local journalism is an important part of our community and brace the changing media landscape ahead of them.

It is now what Dickens would call the spring of hope my dear 138s, and I have complete faith that you will be able to weather the storms ahead and keep The Sun shining — you have everything before you. I just hope you all get the chance to dance in the rain along the way.


Always Stay Sunny,

— A.S.