March 1, 2020

The Cornell Daily Sun Welcomes Its 138th Editorial Board

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After nine hours and 18 minutes, three boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, a couple of hot wings and a few Bang! Energy drinks, The Sun has elected its 138th editorial board. Over the past six weeks, the new Sun editors have eaten one metric ton of Taste of Thai and have learned that punctuation goes inside the quotation mark. But most importantly, they have become confident leaders with a unique vision for The Sun. They intend to work ever-so-diligently to put a copy of The Sun in your hands.

Taking the helm as editor in chief in our 140th year of publication is Maryam Zafar ’21. Maryam is stepping down from her post as city editor to lead the paper to infinity and beyond. Word on the street is that Maryam has never sat in a chair; she prefers the floor. No one knows why, but it’s weird, and we love it.

Long gone are the days of questionably reporting on hockey’s four for Johnathan Stimpson ’21. He will be the supreme overlord of the objective departments, a job fitting for his status as a self-proclaimed energy drink enthusiast. When asked for a comment on his energy drink addiction he said, “I don’t even read the labels — I just pick the ones with the most caffeine and drink that.” NYU dropout and best-dressed Meghna Maharishi ’22 will join Johnathan in leading the newsroom. She wears a lot of flared pants and has some really cool earrings; cries to open up a shop on etsy have gone unheard.

Associate Editor Peter Buonanno ’21 is currently trying to come up with funny things to say for this editorial. He wears a lot of hats, mainly because his hair game is weak. Peter will be joined at the wheel of the opinion department by opinion editor Pallavi Kenkare ’21 who is the cooler of the two. Joining The Sun just last semester, she has never tried Taste of Thai … but she will.

Since we continually break WordPress, web editor and gatekeeper of the passwords Jason Huang ’21 will be there to make sure things stay running smoothly and elevate The Sun’s digital presence.

Design editor Niko Nguyen ’22 is planning to take Sun design to new heights with layout editor Lei Anne Rabeje ’22. Staying the latest is the too-patient production editor Mei Ou ’22.  Everyone still wants to be best friends with graphics editor Alicia Wang ’21. They are going to Marie Kondo the heck out of our paper, and we can’t wait.

Sports editors Christina Bulkeley ’21, Emily Dawson ’21 and Luke Pichini ’22 are still trying to clean up the mess that Stimpson left for them when he was a sports editor many winters ago. All sports editors are transfers, which just goes to show how good our hockey team is.

News editor Sean O’Connell ’21 has been wearing the same bright orange beanie for the past month, but he insists he’s not in Climate Justice Cornell. Alex Hale ’21 is also a news editor, and would like you all to know that he studied abroad in Ireland. Long Island native Caroline Johnson ’22 is elusive and none know anything about her other than the fact that she travels extensively and kicks ass at news. Kathryn Stamm ’22 is wonderful, and it’s probably because she was raised in Indiana. Joining them in the news department are assistant news editors Cata “I’m not from here” Peñeñory ’22, Meghana “I’ll write that for you” Srivastava ’23, Madeline “Sun-Style” Rosenberg ’23 and Olivia “I do graphics, too” Weinberg ’22. 

OH! I almost forgot about city editor and Sun hunk Ari Dubow ’21.

Emma Rosenbaum ’22 and Anil Oza ’22 will be science editors for the next year. Emma is always drinking some sort of caffeine (coffee, tea, yerba literally anything). Anil’s dream is to become Bill Nye ’77. Unfortunately for him, he has expressed that he is unable to learn how to tie a bow-tie.

Next up, photo editor Boris Tsang ’21 will be returning for a third year of pain and saving our derrieres on photos. Ben Parker ’22 is back as assistant photo editor this year. He currently holds the title for best Ben Parker on The Sun. Hannah Rosenberg ’23 will be joining this rag-tag team as the other assistant photo editor. She claims to be the cooler Rosenberg twin, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

John Colie ’23 will be joining Amber Krisch ’21 as a blogs editor, finally doing something useful with his time at the Sun other than trying to verify frighteningly specific facts nobody needed to hear. Amber will remain a shining ray of hope in the blogs department and pray that John won’t publish anything too outlandish.

Arts editor Emma Plowe ’23 is planning a sun concert. Please Venmo The Sun for a ticket; she’s planned a great event! “Sk8r boy” Daniel Moran ’21 is returning as an assistant arts editor, and he will be joined by freshman boy wonder Brian Lu ’23.

Maia Lee ’21 and Annabel Li ’21 are going to teach us all a little bit more about how to spend, save and invest money as they help kickstart The Sun’s newest section, money and business.

Did you see that new Sun video? Thank John “Tarantino” Monkovic ’22. There’s a Sun Oscar in his future for sure.

Some of you may remember Anyi Cheng ’21 for her work with the news department, but she will now be taking over our recruitment. Her social competence astounds us every day — join The Sun so you can meet her.

Our most senior board member is newsletter editor Winny Sun ’20, who single-handedly ensures that the news gets delivered right to your inbox — and always with a smile.

The single most competent person on The Sun, Joybeer Datta Gupta ’21, will continue to try and make us money. And Krystal Yang ’21 has the unfortunate position of trying to fill our pages with advertisements.

The ever-elusive Mike Fang ’21 will be in charge of our iPhone app.

Finally — since all papers need to eat — dining editor Benjamin “Benny V” Velani ’22 will be leading the dining department alongside Dominic Law ’22. They both love food, which is great because we like knowing where we should order from.