Boris Tang / Sun Photography Editor

March 5, 2020

Dining Hall March Madness Matchups

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The time has come. The Dining Department will be officiating our very first March Madness tournament. Witness as Cornell University’s finest eateries battle head-to-head in hopes of becoming the most popular eatery on campus. Throughout the month, we will be polling all the writers and editors of the Sunspots, Dining, Arts and Entertainment and Opinion departments. 

While many of these locations are long-time favorites, such as Trillium, and Flora Rose House, underdogs like Nasties and the hotly contested Okenshields will need to snatch a lead early on if they hope to stay in the race. Will they find the support to do so? The highly coveted title of Best Cornell Eatery will go to the spot with good grub, best atmosphere and most preferred by our very own Sun Staff.

Look for results every Thursday, and may the best eatery win!

Trillium vs. Nasties

Trillium’s impressive short order lunch options, like ramen and quesadillas, is contesting Nasties late-night bites for any kind of munchies.



Terrace vs. Becker

With a crowd-favorite burrito bar, and customizable salads and ramen, how does Terrace stack up against a classic West Campus dining hall with themed dinners every night?



Risley vs. RPCC

Gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian? Rishley’s delicious and healthy options tussles with the North Campus “serve to order” staple and dim sum extraordinaire RPCC.



Rose vs. Bethe

Rose’s stellar Sunday brunch and wide variety of tasty options goes head to head with Bethe’s occasional live jazz music dinners and convenient breakfast, lunch and dinner hours.



Keeton vs. Macs

A West Campus favorite that serves classic Southern fare and plenty of pizzas versus a Statler staple known for its flatbreads, chopped salads and more.



Cook vs. Appel

The seasoned veteran West Campus eatery that specializes in Indian, goes against a North Campus stronghold best known for its large variety of food and dedicated stations to Asian, Kosher and Halal cuisines.



Goldies vs. Ca Jennie

Two essential cafés on campus face off — Goldie’s in PSB serves up hot and tasty sandwiches to hungry science students on the daily, while Café Jennie’s gourmet dessert and sandwich options please visitors and students alike at The Cornell Store.



Okenshields vs. Frannys

Okenshields, a highly popular eatery that has polarized campus opinion, takes on Frannys, a food truck nestled in a quiet corner outside Sibley Hall, which whips us Pan-Asian specialties.