March 6, 2020

Interview with Benjamin Velani ’22

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From investigating the changing bar culture to growing his own produce, Benjamin Velani ’22, The Sun’s dining editor, can always be counted on for food tips and advice! He shares what else the dining department has in store for readers — stay tuned and get excited!

1. The dining department recently added a new column called Food Ethics. Why is it important for us to know where our food comes from?

For one thing, knowing where our food comes from lets us know how far it has traveled before reaching our plate. In fact, the average distance an item of food as traveled in the U.S. is 1,500 miles! That has some serious environmental impacts when you think about all the gas it took to travel that distance. The current sustainability of our food system is a failure, and the ethics behind it crumble upon any inspection. We must change how we think about food — especially how it got to us — if we want to save this planet. Look for new articles every Friday.

2. What other types of content can readers look forward to this semester?

This Thursday, we just released our very first Cornell Dining Hall March Madness Matchups! Witness as Cornell’s finest eateries battle head-to-head in hopes of becoming the most popular eatery on campus. The highly coveted title of Best Cornell Eatery will go to the spot with good grub, best atmosphere and most preferred by our very own Sun staff. So, throughout the month, readers can look forward to weekly updates about how their favorite dining halls are doing in the tournament.