March 16, 2020

FROM THE EDITOR: In an Uncertain Future, The Sun is Here for You

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From the editors: 

From our office on 139 W. State Street, we try to serve the public by producing consistent, comprehensive reporting.

We continue to bring you recent, responsible reporting regarding changes to campus and to the city online as they happen. But due to circumstances bigger than The Sun, we will cease regular print production after spring break until the fall. If our papers feel thin these next two weeks, know that we reduce our production to lessen the burden on the staffers and editors who work silently behind the scenes to bring the pages to your hands.

We aim to always bring the highest quality coverage we can; but as our student staff is scattered across the globe and governments recommend cutting nonessential in-person work, we find that the best way to communicate to our readers will be in our online coverage.

Pursuing these goals is no easy task, as our staff lives through the tectonic changes it reports on. We anticipate opportunities to spring up as we are not bound to the print schedule for those weeks, and we hope The Sun will be as regular a part of your day online. Please never hesitate to email us at [email protected] with concerns or questions.

Thank you for your compassion and empathy in this unpredictable and unprecedented time.

Maryam Zafar ’21, editor-in-chief

   Johnathan Stimpson ’21, managing editor

Peter Buonanno ’21, associate editor