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March 26, 2020

Café Jennie and Trillium face off for Dining’s March Madness Championship

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Alicia Wang / Graphics Editor

The time has come for the Dining Department’s March Madness championship matchup.  While it is undoubtedly true that Cornellians enjoy a wide variety of foods from different eateries, Cornell will soon have a new favorite. The two remaining eateries — Café Jennie and Trillium — are both widely popular, but which will trump the other?

Café Jennie’s delicate pastries, quick bites and made-to-order beverages make it a staple for students grabbing a light meal as they study or socialize with friends. Also helping is its unique location in the university store, making it one of Cornell’s most recognizable eateries.

Trillium takes over another part of campus, nestled outside of Kennedy Hall. Trillium’s customizable ramen, pasta and burgers make it a popular lunch spot for students and faculty alike.

Both eateries represent the vibrance and diversity of Cornell’s dining scene. Whether you’re in the mood for Americana, Asian, Indian or anything else, there will always be a spot for you.


Alicia Wang / Graphics Editor

Dominic Law is a member of the Class of 2022 in the College of Architecure, Arts and Planning. He is an Assistant Dining Editor on the 138th Editorial Board and can be reached at [email protected].