Michael Wenye Li / Sun Senior Photographer

In an email sent to the Faculty Senate, Provost Michael Kotlikoff said the University would not adopt a universal S/U grading scheme, but would instead extend the opt-in S/U deadline to May 12.

April 5, 2020

Kotlikoff: No Universal S/U, Deadline to Opt-in to S/U Grading Pushed to Last Day of Classes

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While the opt-in grading system will remain, in a concession to students, the deadline to change a course’s grading basis to S/U will move from April 21 to May 12, the last day of classes, according to an email Provost Michael Kotlikoff sent to members of the Faculty Senate.

In addition, each transcript will include a “notation that explains the anomalies associated with the Spring 2020 semester.”

According to Kotlikoff, the policy change was made in response to input from students and the Faculty Senate in order “to provide the maximum amount of flexibility possible” that will “enable students to make fully informed decisions that take into account their personal situations.”

Students who do not change their grading system or drop a course by the May 12 deadline may still petition to do so before May 23, the last day of the semester.