May 13, 2020

FROM THE EDITOR | In the Amber

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As deadlines creep and finals loom, The Sun will begin a brief pause in publication today. For the next two weeks, our staff will set down their reporting hats to — hopefully — rub sleep from their eyes, pass exams, polish up final papers and take a well-deserved break from the whirlwind that this semester has been.

These past few months, The Sun and its peers again demonstrated the need for quality, independent journalism on college campuses. As countless voices sought outlets, The Sun created a forum for students, faculty, alumni and prospective Cornellians to hear each other in a time when our voices are farther apart than ever. With the loss of pre-lecture grumblings and coffee-counter conversations, the importance of a space to share information and insight is clear.

During some of the great challenges of this semester — quick eviction, relearning learning, grading policy fault lines and a lysed economy — The Sun was there as a shared source for the most up-to-date information, provided in context.

While many things are up in the air, the Cornell final exam period is not one of them, and so we now will pause — as one Sunnie aptly said, “trapped in the amber of the moment.”

Rest assured: The Sun will continue a reduced publication cycle beginning on May 25. We’ll continue to bring you the news and answer the innumerable questions that remain and will crop up over the summer. And we intend to return in full force come the fall.

— M. Z.